Over 25 Years Providing “Specialized Cleaning Services”

For over 25 years Starr Restoration Services, Inc. has been a leading provider of Specialized Cleaning, Pressure Wash Cleaning throughout the Midwest. We have maintained an unblemished accident rating throughout our many years in business, and we are always on the cutting edge of new cleaning technology. We are able to build on our methods and work with our customers to customize the safest, most effective, efficient cleaning techniques for the many industries we service.

Starr-Crew Photo By: J.B.Forbes

Starr-Crew Photo By: J.B.Forbes

We use state of the art Eco Friendly cleaning equipment and provide the best green technology that is always safe and reliable. Our goal is to perform quality work for our customers with OSHA trained and knowledgeable personnel. This leaves them with the confidence and security that the job will get done safely, efficiently, and on time.

Starr Restoration Services, Inc. covers many cities and States throughout the Midwest:

St. Louis Missouri, Chicago Illinois

Nashville Tennessee, Springfield Missouri & Illinois

Memphis Tennessee, Oklahoma City Oklahoma

Des Moines Iowa, Indianapolis Indiana

Louisville Kentucky, MO, IL, TN, KS, IA, OK, IN, KY to name a few.

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