Surface cleaning 10,000 psi waterblastAUTOMOTIVE

Cut your cleaning costs with Starr Restoration Services, Inc. CO2 and water blasting.

Dry ice Blasting (CO2 Cleaning) is faster and more effective than traditional cleaning methods. No secondary waste is generated and no residual blasting media is left to dispose of. A superior cleaning method that enables the dry ice particles to be propelled at the needed velocity to instantly clean the surface upon contact. No secondary waste is generated because the ice particles evaporate upon contact.

There are a number of applications where Dry Ice (CO2) blasting can be used in the automotive industry:

  • Assembly Plants – Robotics, Spray Booths, Body Panel Assembly, Manfans

  • Engine Remanufacturers – Engine Blocks and Accessories, Pistons, Cylinder Heads, Coils, Alloy Wheels

  • Foundries – Coreboxes, Permanent Molds

  • Rubber and Plastic Molders – Tire Molds, Sealing System Molds, Seats and Gasket Molds

  • Automotive Interiors – Door Panels, Fire Wall, Dashboards, Acoustic Mats, Seats and Carpets

  • Electronics – Sensors and Computer Components