CO2 cleaned damaged parts prior to rebuild

CO2 cleaned damaged parts prior to rebuild

Aviation and Aerospace – CO2 Cleaning

Discover how Dry ice Blasting (CO2 Cleaning), in the Aviation industry, can reduce your cleaning costs. Starr Restoration Services, Inc. can provide CO2 blasting service for the aviation industry by prepping surfaces for repainting, provide general cleaning and maintenance of tools, machines and equipment, and clean landing gear and engine bay covers. We can provide this aviation cleaning service in a faster rate of time, and without electrical problems, and without damaging delicate tooling surfaces. No disassembly is required of landing gear systems, engine bay covers and other components, which allows a faster cleaning process and produces no secondary waste. This allows a much greater savings because of lower man-hours and the decreased hazardous waste removal.


Challenger Aircraft door CO2 Dry Ice Blasted cleaned
  • Reduce cleaning time

  • Eliminate possible damage to parts and tooling being cleaned

  • Eliminate harmful exposures due to manual cleaning products

  • Eliminate secondary waste