Some of the industries we service and areas that can be cleaned:

  • Automotive Industry Dry Ice Cleaning – Assembly Plants, Rubber & Plastic Molders, Foundries, Electronics, Urethanes & Plastic Molding, Engine Re-manufacturers

  • Equipment Cleaning Dry Ice Cleaning – Industrial Equipment, Machinery, Machine Tools, Curing Ovens, Assembly Line Equipment, Hydraulic Power Units, Electrical Power, Control and Distribution Components, Conveyor Components, Mixers, Hoppers, Ovens, Extruders, Part Carrying Fixtures, Ink-Jet Over Spray on Conveyor Rollers, Electronics
  • Electrical Industry Dry Ice Cleaning – Motor Generators, AC Motors, DC Motors, Diesel Generators, Hydro Generators, Switchboards, Circuit Breakers, Power Plants, Rotors
  • Fire/Smoke Cleanup Dry Ice Cleaning – Environmentally friendly – no secondary waste, dust free cleaning, A natural biocide

  • Food Industry Dry Ice Cleaning – Oven Components, Freezers, Conveyors, Mixing Equipment, Dryers, Molds, Ventilating Equipment, Ceilings & Walls

  • Historic Restoration – Historic Buildings, Grave, Markers, Mosaics, Metals, Stones, Murals, Statues

  • Printing Industry Dry Ice Cleaning – Web Presses, Gluers, Heat & Cold Set Inks, Lithographic, Die Cutters, Grippers

You may be wondering just what is CO2 cleaning or dry ice blasting?

CO2 cleaning (dry ice blasting) is a relatively new cleaning process that uses compressed air to accelerate frozen carbon dioxide (dry ice) pellets to a supersonic speed to impact and clean a surface.

The dry ice temperature of 79 degrees C causes a micro-thermal shock. The combination of kinetic energy, dry ice pellets, and the air pressure break the bond between the coating and the substrate. The coating pops off from inside out with the air stream removing it from the surface.

The pellets leave no residue by converting directly from a solid blast pellet to a vapor, thus eliminating the need and cost of media disposal. This cleaning process has many benefits. To find out in more detail on how CO2 cleaning can be a benefit to your industry call us we will be happy to speak with you regarding your next project.


  • Less Downtime Hours – CO2 cleaning is faster and more efficient, eliminating disassembly prior to cleaning.
  • Totally Non-Abrasive – CO2 cleaning will not damage or etch equipment, such as bearings, rollers and seals.
  • No Solvents – Harmless CO2 pellets that evaporate upon contact take the place of solvents.
  • Waste Disposal Reduction – Since the Co2 pellets evaporate, the only waste to dispose of is the contaminant itself.
  • Prolongs Equipment’s Useful Life – The surface being cleaned wears more slowly allowing it to maintain its integrity. Other cleaning methods can damage and change the structure of the surface. CO2 cleaning is non-abrasive and will not change the structure of the surface. Another factor to consider is that the equipment does not have to be moved and can be cleaned in place. This eliminates the possible damage to equipment when being moved.
  • Increased Safety – Safe for the environment, employees, equipment and facility.

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