FIRE RESTORATION CONTRACTORS have come to depend on Starr to provide turnkey cleaning solutions. We are your partner working with you not against you.

By Providing:

  • Turnkey pricing (Control Costs)

  • Complete blasting packages (no need to rent or purchase expensive equipment)

  • Fast turn around (trained personnel)

  • Pricing based on most major software

This historic ceiling was damaged by fire over 30 years ago. We successfully restored it using our dry ice blasting process.Cleaning up from fire damage can cost you valuable time and money when using traditional methods. CO2 Cleaning has become the preferred method for removing smoke, soot, vaporized synthetic resins and char, and reduces the musty, burnt smell that results from a fire disaster. It is a fast and efficient way of removing smoke and fire damage, reducing your down time and allowing your business to recover faster and be back up and running.

CO2 blasting is versatile and enables greater access to roofs, attics, crawl spaces, etc., and provides fast and efficient removal of smoke and fire damage. Tight angles of trusses, around nails, wiring and all plumbing can be cleaned without damage to the surface integrity. In addition, there are no harmful chemicals used and no secondary waste to clean up, unlike other blasting medias, such as soda, sand, and water. CO2 blasting is equally effective on concrete, steel, wood, and masonry, making this the best technique to use for fire restoration.

Benefits To You:

Lamella Ceiling

Dry ice blasting fire damage Lamella Ceiling Test Patch

  • Fastest rate of removal
  • Environmentally friendly – no secondary waste, dust free cleaning
  • A natural biocide
  • Minimizes demolition
  • Eliminates sanding & scraping
  • Versatile – greater access to tight areas
  • Better penetration – behind & between structural members without damage to surface integrity
  • Cleans electrical outlets, conduit, ceiling fans, etc.

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