Graffiti removal using a dustless blasting process
  • Brick & Manonry

  • Limestone

  • Metal Surfaces

  • Street Signs

  • Sidewalks

Graffiti Removal Services St. Louis

Starr Restoration Services provides graffiti removal services for areas in and around St. Louis.  We provide a safe, reliable, fast and efficient process for removing the unwanted markings and tags.  Unwanted tags and markings can send the wrong message and possibly cause a loss in business.

Starr Restoration Services can completely remove the paint with our many cleaning options and over 25 years of experience.    Graffiti can be removed faster when it is still fresh, saving you money.  Also, the sooner it is removed the better in order to discourage future taging. 

We can remove the tags within 24 hours of your call.

Let us help restore any negative impact caused by vandalism.  Call us today so we can eliminate your graffiti problems.

Dustless Paint Removal from Concrete Graffiti Wet