Since 1987 Starr Restoration Services, Inc. has over 30 years of experience in historical restoration. Pressure wash, dry ice blast (CO2 blast) and wet vapor abrasive cleaning are very effective ways to clean valuable monuments and other public and private pieces of work without damaging the surfaces.

Granite Cleaning

Traditional methods for restoring historical masonry structures have utilized chemical cleaners and high pressure water rinse, using specifically formulated cleaners for the historical restoration industry. This is a very effective and efficient way of restoring masonry. Water and chemical cleaning continues to be the most common method for historical restoration. In situations where water cannot be employed we have the ability to clean areas without the use of water or chemical cleaners using dry ice blasting.

Dry Ice or CO2 cleaning uses no chemicals and zero additional waste is generated. Some of the materials, such as bronze, lime stone, cast iron, ceramic, copper, marble, and wood can be dry ice blast cleaned without damaging the surface. Visit “What Is CO2 cleaning for more information.

Paint can be removed from most surfaces utilizing our EcoQuip EQ600 unit. The wet abrasive process gives us a 97% reduction in dust and allows us to clean at a lower pressure. Wet abrasive is a Eco friendly process utilizing recycled glass.

Some applications for cleaning include: Buildings – both interior and exterior, Masonry, Sensitive Mosaics, Metals, Stones, Murals, Grave Markers, and Statues.

More information read PDF: SRSI Historical Restoration -COBRND

Before and After

Brick Cleaning Before and After