Industrial Cleaning Services

Dry ice blasting (CO2 blasting) is a fast, easy and cost effective way to clean, maintain and manage your production equipment. Dry ice blasting will effectively clean years of dirt, grease, oil, and product buildup. Starr Restoration Services, Inc. will clean using dry ice pellets that disintegrate and dissipate upon impact, adding zero additional waste.


Before Cleaning

Before Cleaning

Equipment After Cleaning

Equipment After Cleaning

dry ice cleaning equipment

CO2 Cleaning Equipment

Routine maintenance with dry ice blasting is quick and helps to reduce costly downtime. Years of buildup can be cleaned in place (CIP) on industrial equipment, machinery, machine tools, curing ovens, assembly line equipment, hydraulic power units, electrical power, control and distribution components, conveyor components, mixers, hoppers, ovens, extruders, part carrying fixtures, ink-jet over spray on conveyor rollers, electronics and valuable production hours are maximized.

Dry ice blasting can be used for paint preparation on equipment in place, eliminating costly down time associated with disassembly and hand cleaning. Most equipment can be cleaned in place with the use of temporary barricades placed around equipment.

Dry ice blasting is a safe, nonabrasive process without damaging delicate circuitry or bearings.


  • Increased cleaning efficiency
  • Eliminate harsh chemicals & safety concerns
  • Clean equipment, hot and in place (CIP)
  • Eliminates waste runs after cleaning, zero additional waste
  • Eliminate costly labor associated with the disassembly as well as the reassembly of equipment
  • Teaming with your maintenance crews, allowing them to perform their jobs more effectively

Starr Restoration Service provides complete industrial equipment cleaning

and painting services.

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