Cleaning up from a plastic molding production run can cost you valuable time and money when using traditional methods. Dry ice blasting has become the preferred method for removing waxy, paraffin build up and product residues. It is non-abrasive, environmentally friendly, and sublimates upon contact leaving NO secondary waste and or residue.  Dry ice blasting is also non-conductive so electric motors and circuitry can be safely cleaned.

Current cleaning methods lower productivity for long running parts. Dry ice blasting cleans the mold surfaces while the mold is at curing temperature in the press. Plastic injection screws can be cleaned during compound or color change over.  This reduces your down time since surfaces need not be cooled or reheated.


  • Eliminates waxy, paraffin build up and product residues
  • Eliminates damaging screw structure or tolerance
  • Eliminates orange peel and thin wall defects
  • Reduces downtime for mold cleaning by 90%
  • Cleans molds hot and in place
  • Lowers waste and scrap costs
  • Environmentally Friendly